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The tools for healthy living...

In my practice and in the book, I tell you exactly what those tools are, and precisely how to use them to resolve issues in your relationships, your health, your weight, and within yourself. You may have searched everywhere—in money, success, relationships—and come away feeling disappointed and empty. You haven't failed. You've simply been unaware that the key to finding the satisfaction you desire is right inside you, where it's always been.

...get you out of the box...

You will come to recognize that the experience of being in the box is to a greater or lesser extent the way many of us experience life. We feel powerless to overcome life's difficulties, and unable to get beyond our feelings and reactions to these dilemmas. Instead, we get emotionally triggered by things that happen to us.

Feelings will no longer grip or control you because you will learn to make choices that will set you free. This will be true even in the most difficult, seemingly impossible circumstances. What’s more, doing so will be fun. I know that it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.

...and show you how to get the most out of life.

If you are looking for a method to move you forward with personal, relationship, work or health issues, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for spiritual guidance, this approach will surely offer you that. If you are a business executive, educator, or therapist you will learn a powerfully effective approach for helping others access their own source of creativity, integrity, strength, and independence. Whatever your purpose, wherever you are in your life, this process can help you and those with whom you relate, find the way to a fulfilling life.

Being Free is Just a Choice

No prior training is necessary. When you experience being free from the ego, you will immediately know what is possible. All the answers you need will be at your fingertips, if you are willing to look from this perspective. You will need nothing else.

You will discover that freedom is a choice, and happiness is a choice. Being who you are each and every day is a choice. It is simply a choice like turning on a light so that you can see, or drinking water to relieve your thirst. It is simply a choice that you can make anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance. What is experienced at these wondrous moments of coming into contact with your true self is the realization that this perspective has always been there, and can never be lost.

You will also find that this approach is designed to give you practical tools, exercises, and inspiring examples of others who have used the out-of-the-box process to resolve the most challenging issues of life. I invite you to be passionate and open to whatever you discover about yourself, and about life.

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