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I am available for seminars, keynotes, and individual and couples psychotherapy sessions (by telephone or in person).

Warren Berland, Ph.D., LCSW
Office locations:
231 West 29th St., Suite 301, New York, NY 10001,
Upstate New York, in the town of Red Hook

For both locations please call (914) 474-0989, or email me.


Warren is an experienced speaker who specializes in teaching people in groups and organizations how to quickly reconnect with a new sense of possibility and joy for what life can truly be.

The simple yet powerful, innovative process he teaches, and which is described in his book, Out of the Box for Life: Being Free is Just a Choice (HarperCollins) gives people a vast, transformational perspective, from which they discover the profound freedom, creativity, intension, compassion, and wisdom they need in any situation to achieve their goals—and become mindful leaders. And it’s exciting to learn, highly engaging, health-promoting, and great fun!!!

Warren’s greatest passion is to guide people how to tap into a part of themselves that is always there waiting for them, and which they may have experienced at some profound moment in their lives. It’s a spiritual yet practical shift in perspective from one in which they may feel limitation, stuckness, fear or doubt, to one that is literally and immediately free. And it is very simple to learn.

The inspiring and engaging presentation can be tailored to any organization, and for any purpose including team-building, improving communication, mindful leadership, enhancing health and well-being, and transcending any obstacle to creativity and limitless change in the workplace and in one’s life.

It begins with these simple questions: “What if the key to living a healthy, happy, satisfying and fulfilling life were already in your possession and always had been? What if all you needed were the right tools?”

This transformational approach is based on more than 35 years of experience with large groups, individuals, and couples. I am also the only therapist in NYC certified by John Grey (Men Are from Mars, Women are From Venus).

What Will People Learn?
A simple yet powerful step-by-step approach for resolving problems by shifting their perspective from one in which they may feel stuck, to an “out-of-the-box” perspective in which they are in touch with the spiritual and personal resources you need in any situation in order to move on.

  • The two-step and four-step methods for quickly resolving issues, getting unstuck, and getting free at every moment in their life.
  • The "tricks" the ego uses to undermine them, and tools for catching and defeating it at its own game.
  • A powerful new way to live life, free of the turmoil we tend to put ourselves through.
  • Specific questions to use at any time, and in any circumstance to regain clarity and overcome the grip of their emotions.
  • How others have used the out-of-the-box process to overcome obstacles to their health, relationship, creativity, and success.

The out-of-the-box process is a tool that countless people have used to change their lives and improve the quality of the lives of those they touch.

Here’s a short description of the talk entitled Out of the Box at Work.
In a fun, informative, stimulating environment, this presentation:

  • Offers simple, easy-to-use tools for quickly resolving communication problems.
  • Helps to create an environment that fosters productivity, communication, team building, and well being between colleagues, and between individuals and management.
  • Teaches a four-step process that will help anyone overcome their self-doubt, anger, frustration, negativity, and overwhelm in the workplace.
  • Provides tools for overcoming obstacles to creativity and achievement.
  • Teaches how to respond effectively and productively to personal and professional criticism.
  • Helps resolve personal challenges that are keeping people from accomplishing all they want.
  • Helps individuals think quickly and clearly in formerly stress-producing situations.
  • Supports the making of clear and confident decisions, and taking action with integrity.
  • Heightens one’s intuition when making difficult decisions.
  • Allows people to access the true source of satisfaction at work and within oneself

I am passionately dedicated to making this deep understanding of human potential available to those who are interested in truly changing their lives.

Client List
Graham Hanson Design
Omega Institute
New England Educational Institute’s Summer Symposia
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine
Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income Master Program 
University of Connecticut Master Therapist Program
Spirituality and Psychotherapy Conference
Tarrytown House
The Psychology of Health, Immunity and Disease
The Wainwright House
Gary Null and Associates
The Learning Annex

Client Testimonials
“Many thanks for putting together an extremely well received presentation. Your presentation was very highly appreciated. Participants very much appreciated your level of knowledge, presentation of material, and the responsiveness to their questions. We hope that you had as enjoyable time as your participants did.”
Robert Guerette, M.D., President, New England Educational Institute

“I attended and greatly enjoyed the workshop you provided yesterday at the UCONN. . . I fully support the ideas behind your perspective and greatly value that it has implications for society and humanity at large. . . I was moved. Thank you for the work you do.”
Jen Carey, MSW

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